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Surface Coating

Surface Coating:-

Coatings of any surface which protects it from Water Leaks , Rust / Corrosion , Tension cracks, & Heat 

Services we cater to are :- 
• Waterproofing /Weatherproofing Solutions 
• Epoxy Flooring 
• Heat Reduction Coating 
• Chemical & Abrasion Resistant Flooring 
All the products are imported from Germany , Greece & Japan

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Surface Cleaning


Surface Cleaning:-

Due to increasing shortage of water . 
High End Cleaning Machinery are the latest trend which require 
“ NO WATER OR CHEMICALS” in cleaning any surface . 

High End Cleaning Machinery can used in following industries 
• Automobile Industry 
• Railways 
• Aviation Industry 
• Power Generation 
• Shipping Industry 
• Archaeological Survey Sites

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